Have you ever felt like you were going through a television series called “This Is not My Life” but never understood why? It seems the harder you tried the worst it got. And to complicate matters, you did nothing wrong to begin with. Isn’t it peculiar how you can walk in the favor of God, while going through extreme adversities, to your destiny and not even realize it?

Sounds like a Joseph, Syndrome, doesn’t it? And in case you are wondering Joseph who? We are referring to the chosen of God and the favorite of his father; Jacob. (Genesis 39:2, 21) You know the story of the Coat of Many Colors?

Let us re-examine Joseph’s case, shall we?

Gifted with the interpretation of dreams. Joseph found himself in a pit because of jealous brothers. (Genesis 37:3-4) Have you ever felt you’d been thrown into a pit by life’s unjust hands—yelling to get out but no one heard your cries? You’ve been in the same place for so long just aching to get out. The more you tried to get out the deeper you sank. And no one offered you so much as a thread of hope to escape. Did you ever stop and think, amid your panicking and disappointments, that you were in this pit as part of a process to prepare you for your future? Joseph probably never realized it at the time either. As he was confounded by the hurt and heart sickness brought on by his brothers’ betrayal.

…you are shown the favor of God

And when you were finally pulled out of this pit, thinking you were going to be set free, the strangers who pulled you out just bound you up even more in slave conditions you’d never experienced in your life. (Genesis 39:2-4) Yet in the midst of these slave conditions you are shown the favor of God. And just when it looked like things are turning for the better you wind up in prison. Went directly to jail did not pass go or collect $200. (Genesis 39:7) Again, accused of something you did not do because you chose God’s principles over evil principalities.

Where God is the Avenger…

Has this ever happened to you? You made what you knew to be the right decision but you wound up in a place you never thought possible because of that choice? (Genesis 39:8-20) Sometimes when you stand for what is right and good you will find yourself in an alternate universe, where God is the Avenger—-which is not altogether a bad thing. Again, it is all in perspective. Just keep in mind whether you feel your life is one of a prison environment with visible bars or no. Joseph thrived in prison. (Genesis 39:23) And so shall you. Because preparation and purpose resided within those prison bars to protect what God was raising up—a governor.

Finally, the same gift that got Joseph in these trials in the first place. Was the same gift that got him out in a specific season of God’s timing. (Gen. 41:37-46) And the same applies to your situation. God is no respecter of persons. What He did for Joseph he will truly do for you.

Is this your test?

God allowed Joseph to go through all of these tests to make sure his heart condition would be one of forgiveness and compassion. (Genesis 45:14-15) Before he set him in a place of authority. Joseph had to be in a place of humility and honor. Had his heart condition not changed he would have been power hungry and vindictive. Not fit to rule and save a people. Nor forgive his brothers. Is this your test?

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