by c.f. leach

Hatred is like cancer, it eats you inside out;
Makes you lash out at the ones who love you as you scream and shout.

Causing you always to have nasty things to say just to inflict pain;
Because you refuse to realize your shortcomings, you gradually become profane.

You’ve lost your righteousness in some remote abyss…
As you conspire to antagonize with a serpent’s ‘hiss’.

Kindness is a quality you’ve hardly ever known,
When all around you everyone sees the evilness you’ve shown.

People genuinely concerned about what’s truly wrong with you;
Perhaps it’s spiritual warfare you are going through.

If only you’d reach out and grasp the LOVE that’s all around;
You then could grasp your FAITH and get up off the ground.

If only you could understand time keeps marching on;
As you engage in vengeful acts to enhance your evil wrongs.

And peering into the eyes of those who love you no matter what;
Aching to peel off the ugly mask for the TRUTH but…

That too makes you so sad;
After all the things you’ve done while being mad.

Yet having now the WISDOM to know you were robbed of great wealth,
While totally engrossed with your wretched inner self.

Missing out on blessings you never got to see;
All because Satan blinded you so easily.

Now the scales have fallen from your eyes and into the LIGHT your blindness is truly gone.
Thank GOD for His GRACE and MERCY, you’ve got another chance to carry on.

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