by Cameron Mciver (Guest Post)

“Content is king.”

I know. That phrase has been around for quite a few years now and is nothing new.

The thing is that in 2020 content is still king, and great content continues to be a well sort after commodity.

It seems we can’t get enough of it, and there rarely seems to be enough great content writers out there to satisfy the demand.

You may have noticed this already, and started to think to yourself that you’re a good writer, so why couldn’t you be a great content writer? After all, writing something that’s always in demand is sure to pay the bills easier than that novel you’ve been slaving over for the past few years.

Well, here’s a few pointers for anyone that wants to become a content writer.


To be a good content writer, you need to have at least an affinity, or better still a full-blown passion for writing. Otherwise, you’ll burn out in no time.


You will need to be prepared to do some research into the types of content writing that you would like to pursue. Whether it’s web content, blogging, print articles, technical articles, etc, etc.


The writing styles required for each content writing type are all quite different and unique. So, you will need to work out where your personal style best fits and focus primarily on that area if you are looking to entice more clients to your work.


Using big words in your writing to impress your clients is the best way to turn off your readers. Nobody wants to hear about how great you think you are. Instead, they want to relate to what they are reading. That is why good content is firstly one thing – reader friendly.


When you write, define the purpose of the piece. It might be informative, entertaining or educational. Readers lap up any of these (or a combination of all) 3 categories of articles, if they are written well. As long as you’re doing this, your articles are going to be a good read.


Learning is a continuous process. So, always be open to reading what your competitors are churning out, what the best writers are producing, or just generally any good reads whenever possible.

Cameron writes for Optune a Strategic Marketing and Communications consultancy business based in Melbourne, Australia. Stop by his site there is a lot of interesting information you may find useful as a blogger or writer depending on your fields of expertise.

Thank you Cameron for such an informative piece.



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