Jesus Christ

there is someone
who loves me
despite my flaws,
despite all the terrible mistakes
i have made.

he hears all the ugly thoughts
that inhabit my mind
he sees me in my darkest times
when i am weak, doubtful
when I’m ready to turn my back

and this man,
he sees how imperfect i am
this perfect man sees all my wrongs
and this is what he tells me:

“To me you are beautiful
to me you are worth it
i know you’re not perfect
i know you make mistakes,
but i will never turn my back on you
i will love you eternally
and i hope you can love me too.”

a perfect man not only tells me
he loves me, he shows me
how much every single day

and this man,
he loves you too.
—–Author unknown

I found this on instagram the other day and felt it needed to be shared with my readers. Blessings and Peace.

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