2020 will go down in world history
As the year of unexpected madness and mystery
Of a time when plagues decided to re-emerged
Some say they were designed to wipe out and purge…

An overpopulated world
Silencing every man, woman, boy and girl
Of who some tried to get rid
While attempting to play God amid…

A hostile and divided land
Where everybody desperately needs the hand
Of God to move upon this ever evolving mess
So that He can once again bless…

The cries of His people
Who’ve become so tired and feeble
In a place that breeds corruption and greed
Where power doesn’t seem to care about the needs…

Of the classes they’re trying to erase
As the children of God pray to escape
Under the shadow of the Almighty’s wings
So they can again walk in life’s peaceful things.

What was that? Forcing us to wear masks and hand sanitizer
Think the experience will make us any wiser?
As we learn to be thankful and appreciate the lives we were given
Returning us, again, to righteous living

Or will we revert back to our old obtuse ways
Longing for what we thought were the good old days
Only to discover that is a direction not to return
Because now we’re walking a new path we all have to learn.

© c.f. leach, 2021. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

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