It’s odd to me
As I look into the sea
Of faces partial veiled
Who’s beneath you cannot tell

Eyes peering back at you
As you sort through the residue
Of social distancing and such
Afraid now to even touch

Your very own face
For this action just might erase
You from health into sickness
Another dissension into the quickness

Of a silent disease
A virus if you please
That’s transposing everyday
Making you wonder if there is a way

To escape its icy grip
As you try not to trip
On the rocks of terror, fear and horror
While you pray to see tomorrow

In the light which used to be
That is now the past for you and me
Yet all hope is not lost
Because Someone already paid the cost

For us to live without fear
His presence is forever near
Just continue to walk in truth
Where you victory will be absolute

As you feel the residue
Now you’ve finally gotten the clue
Thank God sitting on His throne above
Who never let us fall from His wings of love.

© c.f. leach, 2021


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