What is love?
A floating mist
of an untold kiss

What is love?
Teary eyes
in melancholy skies

What is love?
A secret embrace
that’s hard to erase

What is love?
A heart that’s broken
now memory’s token

What is love?
A newborn baby’s smile
that made all the pain worthwhile

What is love?
Two people walking together
in spite of the weather

What is love?
A hug from a true friend
when you’re at your wits’ end

What is love?
A feeling of mind
that blesses all mankind

What is love?
A mother’s prayer
protecting her child anywhere

What is love?
A sudden epiphany
that explains God to me

What is love?
All of these things
from which somehow comes change…

That is love.

© c.f. leach, 2021. All rights reserved.

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