“Seeds of hope are far more fertile than seeds of doubt.”

Recipient of the Dove Seal of Approval, Full Count is a faith-based film about someone’s childhood dream being crushed to fulfill their father’s dream.

This is what happened to Milton Young (John Paul Kakos) a baseball player headed for the college team, who is hit with life’s fastball. Finally gets away from his hometown only having to return to bury his father (Jason London), loses the use of his pitching hand, gets amnesia in the process, and acquires some serious legal problems. Not to mention, he and his mother (Natalia Livingston) are also faced with foreclosure on their farm due to a national economical downturn and one of the worst droughts on record and

Now having to take his father’s place and try to save their farm—it looks utterly hopeless. But Hope, in the form of a drifter (Adam Boyer), comes onto their farm and turns their world right side up. After the last day of planting, Hope tells Milton, “You have not been ignored or forgotten. You didn’t choose Him—He chose you.”

There are a few unexpected spoilers that you will find only by watching this film—which I highly recommend.

Full Count tells a story about life and baseball. Then demonstrates faith, perseverance, triumph, and the struggle of holding onto a dream.

Full Count was originally released in 2019, is 110 min and can be seen by the entire family on Netflix.

Director: Robert Eagar
Writer: Robert Eagar
Stars: John Paul KakosNatalia LivingstonE. Roger Mitchell.

We give Full Count

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Thank you for your continued support and readership. Until next week…blessings and peace!

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