“Too bad I can’t bake my way out of this.”

Based on a real life story. Single mom, Angela Logan (Kimberly Elise), has three teenage sons, a life that is out of control, and a house that is all but condemned, due to a contractor’s swindle. Her childhood home—a place she has memories of better times; sitting in the kitchen watching her mom make apple cakes, is now in the balance.

Memories that are headed for a foreclosure file, unless Angela can find a solution. Now without a car, she still works part-time jobs and volunteers at a center for battered women. But she can’t seem to find enough work or the $4,000 to keep their family home. Then an old flame, Melvin George (Kevin Hanchard), comes to dinner. And in the conversation Angela commented, “Too bad I can’t bake my way out of this.”

Encouraged that this would be an excellent idea for getting the mortgage money and convinced by her son the computer whiz, that it was possible and he would use his mad computer skills to assist. With only ten days left before the foreclosure, Angela takes on this challenge; figuring she would have to sell 100 apple cakes, for forty dollars each, in ten days to save the family home. Can it be done? Can she pull this off? You will have to watch the movie to find out.

Originally released in 2014. Apple Mortgage Cake is 97 min and rated PG. Can be seen on Amazon Prime, Uplifting Entertainment and Pure Flix.

Director: Michael M. Scott
Writer: Jamie Pachino
Stars: Kimberly EliseKevin HanchardStephan James.

We give Apple Mortgage Cake

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This film deals with realities when it comes to teen choices. And on the flip side, we see a family held together by the determination of a single mother, who, through her faith in God, was able to keep going despite the circumstances. There comes a time when we must look fear in the face, with faith, and say, “No More!”. Nothing is impossible to them that believe.

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