As bloggers, we possess the power to drive massive impact and growth for our businesses. Which is dependent on getting your content to rank first in search results, When this occurs your content generates more views and conversions. But the processes of search results and content ranking has a new level. Thereby making the strategy of growing your blog much better and efficient through this modernization.

If there is no reason or structure behind your content writing, topic organization or ranking, your method of blogging optimization my not increase traffic flow in terms of your desired ranking. Therefore, your blog may appear repetitively boring and somewhat structurally disorganized. The Internet search process is now different coupled with the change in algorithms. So updating your blog strategies is paramount in order to reflect these modern SEO developments. It is imperative that your site content be structurally sound thus clearing a path for your blog posts to land on Google’s page one search results.

There is a new SEO strategy that reflects changes in search behavior…

There is a new SEO strategy that reflects changes in search behavior known as the Topic Cluster approach. The foundational principle for this construct is to create a broader coverage which spans a scope of main topic regions; while simultaneously creating a coherent sphere of architectural information in the process. In this architectural perfection you will find a large single content piece which is called the pillar page. This pillar page outlines your topic in a broad manner while being surrounded by a definitive cluster content group that focuses on distinct subtopics.

In order to use this Topic Cluster approach you must desert writing post after post for ranking using an assortment of keywords and start looking to posts that are group related around distinct topics. With this strategy, during implementation, each content cluster should back link to a main pillar page. If one page executes well, a boost is given to the entire Topic Cluster. Thereby, making it much easier for Google to connect and comprehend the expostional relationship between your content. Thus moving you up higher on the results page.

To effectively use Topic Clusters here are the first four key steps:

  1. The first thing you need is to decide what topic you want to rank.
  2. Determine your content clusters.
  3. Review your existing content.
  4. Link your content together.

For further assistance you can check out the information below:

Keep pecking at those keys and don’t give up! Until next week…Blessings and Peace!

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