I once met a Man who knew me before I was born;
And the oddity is He’s always there when life seems so hard and my spirit worn.

As a child His presence I could always feel…
But to investigate then was really no big deal.

His voice I could hear, sight of Him unseen…
And oftentimes I’d ponder—“what does this mean?”

Concerned my life’s work I’d abandon because of unconscious fear…
His comfort would surround me; I could feel His presence near.

He bestowed upon us all spiritual gifts and talents not of this earth…
To empower us with endurance and nurture our self-worth.

In growing I realized the truth and blessings in being one of His elect…
Despite the few in this world that give Him all honor and respect.

Thank God His judgement is not by appearances, but by our hearts.
I am so glad to know He was with me from the very start.

© c.f. leach, 1994. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

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