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Through the years, many people I’ve spoken with tell me, “I’m planning to write a book” or “I’ve had this book in mind for awhile, but can’t never seem to get it started.” And oftentimes will try encouraging them by telling them the techniques I use or advise them to check out the Writing Tips section of my website. Then days or weeks later in passing conversation I inquire as to the progress of the book or project and i usually get an answer like, “I haven’t started yet, but you know how it is…I just really don’t have the time.” They will then ask me, “How in the world do you find the time to write books and blogs with all that’s going on in your life?” And I simply say, “It’s about time management and discipline. God pours these writings in my mind and I have to write them down as soon as they come.” Then I put them in order according to the storyline.

Is your writing attributed to self-expression…

Let me ask you a question. Is your writing attributed to self-expression or from a cognizant resolution that God has called you to write? And with that call, do you write with the ideology of helping your readers, not only improve their lives and find themselves–but to also help them find a relationship with God in the process?

Let’s use the Apostle Paul for an example. Out of the twenty-seven New Testament books, he is credited with writing thirteen or fourteen of them. And four of those books he wrote while in prison. He might have been locked up but his mind wasn’t. There is no question that not only was he called by God, to be an apostle, when he met Jesus on the road to Damascus. (Acts 9 NKJV) But it is also obvious by his New Testament writings, that he was called by God to do it. Not only has his writings been added to the greatest Book of all times, but they have lasted for thousands of years and helped to lead many to Christ by getting a better understanding of God’s word through his instructions.

Here are what a few Christian writers have to say on the subject.

“If you approach writing as a holy calling, your life will be marked by two qualities: enthusiasm and inspiration. The English noun enthusiasm comes from the Greek adjective entheos, meaning “having God within” (from en, “within,” and theos, “God”). When you are called by God to write, you have a sense that God lives and works through you, and every creative act you perform is a loving imitation of the nature and activity of God the Creator.” — Jim Denney

“Your desire to write reveals you were designed to write.” — Deanne Welsh

Christian novelist Carol Gift Page once said, “When I write, I feel God’s pleasure.”

Instruct in the infinite expanse of truth, awaken to the glory of God…

I like the way John Piper sums it up…“A divine calling to write is a calling from God, through God, and for God. Until the writing is for God, it is not a calling from God. So we move from truth discovery through writing to creative expression — through writing to the role of a servant in writing — which I described earlier like this: the impulse to instruct and awaken and delight and transform people into obedient worshipers of Christ. Instruct in the infinite expanse of truth, awaken to the glory of God radiant through all that he has made, delight with craftsmanship of poetry and diction and style and story, transform people into those who enjoy God with us and walk in a way that pleases God.”

What is your view of this subject? Your opinions are very important to me.

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May the Blessings of the LORD be with you today and always. Thank you for your continued readership and support. Until next week….Blessings and Peace! 

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