Ran into the Keeper of Memories the other day
Who had the most amazing things to say
He reminded me of a time when life was a simple thing
When we just had fun—no worrying about the gain

The gain of fame, success, that promotion, and money
Simplicity now gone—nothing of life seems funny
About those dreary workdays and cold sleepless nights
Relationships gone sour with all the constant fights

From which I’m seeking peace wherever it can be found
No longer with my head up, but always looking down
Thinking what happened—why am I here?
In this same old place year after year

Praying for change that never seems to come
I just want to run from this ho-hum
Existence of dreary emotions—of feeling incomplete
How in the world can I ever start to retreat

Into this missing piece of a heart who loved the Lord so much
That constantly prayed for the warmth of His touch
Wonder what happened to those more simpler days
Perhaps it’s now time for me to really change my ways.

© c.f. leach, 2022. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

Artwork in header ‘Simple Days’ by SeaSaltShrimp.

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