All of my life I’ve walked this earth,
Seeking out my own self worth.

Looking here—searching there…
Yet seeming to find it nowhere.

As a dove flying from tree to tree;
Forever pecking to find me.

Lost in the winds of time,
My flight pattern was hard to find.

Planting my talons firmly on life’s learning branch;
Which placed me in one hypnotic trance.

The leaves intentions were not real,
Now my heartbeat began to congeal…

Like Snow White, life was poisoning me to sleep;
While thoughts of God’s word slowly began to creep…

Into my mind shaking the depths of my soul,
Reminding me of all I’d ever been told…

About His unconditional love;
The reason He sent Jesus from above.

As my body began coming out of the deep,
He reminded me of all the promises He’d keep.

And how if I’d continued doing my best,
He would surely take care of the rest.

He taught me to discern what’s lurking behind life’s facades and masks,
With this gift I’d truly come to know my self-worth at last.

It wasn’t a prince who woke me from my sleep;
But a God who promised my soul He would keep.

© c.f. leach, 2020. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

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