Driving down Memory Lane the other day, I ran across an old sixties television series Family Affair. And for those of you who are not familiar with this particular series; it is about a bachelor, better known as Uncle Bill, his personal valet, Mr. French, his nephew Jodie and nieces Buffy and Cissy who he adopted after his brother’s passing.

In this episode, Jody and Buffy are given a bonsai tree by Mr. Osaki. He tells them as long as the tree lives, he will live and when the tree dies he believes he will too. His desire is to get back to the place he was born to see his plum tree blossom. And tells them, “As you tend the tree you’ll think of me.”

Jody and Buffy are quite diligent concerning the care of their bonsai. Because Jody wants to insure that Mr. Osaki lives long enough to fly home and see his plum tree blossom. But, with all he and his sister are going through to properly care for this tree; it loses all of its leaves and looks like it is dead. Yet Jody is persistent about trying to save it—even though the situation looks hopeless.

Finally, Uncle Bills tells him, “The tree is dead. You shouldn’t go on hoping for something that won’t happen—you need to throw it away.” Jody then tells him, “Uncle Bill the tree isn’t dead it’s resting.” So he gives them through the weekend to see if there are any improvements and if not, on Monday the tree gets thrown out.

But on Monday morning when Jody goes to Buffy’s room and announces he is preparing to throw away the tree—he goes into the living room to find the bonsai has sprouted new leaves. Jody begins yelling with excitement to inform the entire household of this miraculous thing!

Mr. Osaki sends them a letter telling them he’d been very sick for a short time but is much better; with a picture of him beside his plum tree that blossomed.

As Mr. French and Uncle Bill are debating if this was a miracle or not; Bill tells Mr. French, “Jody watered, fed it and nursed it and looked after it and he didn’t give up. We did, but he didn’t. He had faith and the way things are going today, that’s some kind of miracle wouldn’t you say?”

Your life may have been blossoming and now it appears your life has no life. Your situation might look hopeless and all indications from what you see may even express that. But you keep watering it with God’s word, nursing it with prayer, looking after it with faith—being diligent in these efforts. And the same Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead (Mark 16:6 NKJV) can resurrect and restore your life no matter how dead it may look. Then just like Jody—you might be in for a big surprise!

May the Blessings of the LORD be with you today and always. Thank you for your continued readership and support. Until next week…. Blessings and Peace! 

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    • Thank you so much for this. What really stood out to me in this post was the resting before the miracle: not just the tree resting and Mr Osaki resting while ill, but Jody resting (abiding) in his faith in the tree. Oh may my heart learn to rest also, to trust in God’s completion of what He’s put my hands to work to do. Thank You for this. It is a beautiful encouragement.

      I am praying for you too. Caring for someone with dementia must be so very hard. My MIL’s sister is caring for her husband with dementia and an Uncle of mine has now been diagnosed with it also. My brother in law’s died not so long ago and his stepmom cared so lovingly for him through years of dementia. So many are suffering and so many are called upon to care for and join Jesus in His suffering, like you. May He overwhelm you with tender mercies today.


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