This morning when I woke
I started with a prayer
Then my mind began to shift
going everywhere

As it began to contemplate
What’s happened to morality
Has it now been tossed in
with the favorite garden variety…

Of compromises, conjectures, and deceit
What happened to standing for right?
While we sheepishly watch
as sin encompasses the light

A trick that has us painted in a corner
of darkness and the unknown
What are we doing?
What are we being shown?

Have we morphed into something
even we don’t understand?
As this faceless monstrosity
ravages our land

Can we still find hope
in the midst of all this?
While being antagonized
by this serpent’s hiss?

Have we failed to learn
his hiss is more dangerous than his bite?
For it is merely a distraction
taking us further from the light…

Of a God who sees all
that is going on
Who, if you’ve studied and prayed
will protect you from evil’s wrong…

By placing your feet
on His path to your destiny
Despite all this darkness
where faith can clearly see…

That ray of light He’s left
as a reminder from above
Thank God for Jesus Christ
Thank God for His undying love.

© c.f. leach, 2021. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.


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