The jasmine of my mind
sends fragrant memories
Of the beauty in God’s creation
and what it means to me…

Having eyes to see
when blessed to wake
The beauty all around
this He did for man’s sake…

And we too often take for granted
the thought He placed in each
As He spoke the Word
more heights His creation reached…

Blue skies, moving clouds
deep seas…green grass
“Let there be” He spoke
and His words began to amass…

Ev’ry creature, herb and trees
emerged filling all the dark spaces
Bursting forth new life
for all of the ages…

As eternity sat in His hands
bringing forth innumerable miracles
For man to name and coexist
that which came from the invisible…

We can see every day
as we travel this great sphere
Running to and fro
day after day—year after year

We really need to stop
and take a panoramic view
Of the awesomeness of God
and the great things He can do!

© c.f. leach, 2021. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

*Header: Hands of creation is a piece of digital artwork by Evelyn Patrick.

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