In our prayer meeting circle, one of the members mentioned this film called The Youngest Evangelist. Since I do movie reviews I thought I’d take a look-see to find out what information I could about this movie. This is what I found:

Synopsis: Starting in 2021, we are taken back in time to 1980. Based on a true story about a 10-yr old African American boy named John King, who feels adrift amid the systematic racism permeating his inner-city community. John experiences a miraculous event that alters his outlook on life, which inspires him to pursue a religious calling as a burgeoning Evangelist in 1982. Despite his young age, John exhibits wisdom beyond his years as he uplifts his community and cultivates spiritual connections for those in need. This film also has a special focus on our youth. Respect for our educators/teachers, the crucial need to continue offering music programs in our public schools, overcoming adversity, obedience, resilience, and most importantly the parental introduction to our children about Salvation, a relationship with the Lord, and Reverence for the Most High at a young age.

The Youngest Evangelist was released in theatres on November 19, 2021, is 2 hrs and 18 min and is rated PG-13. The official Red Carpet Movie Premiere of The Youngest Evangelist took place on November 22nd, 2021, in Orlando Florida at Cinemark theaters hosted by Dezerland theme park. The Youngest Evangelist can currently be seen in Cinemaworld West Melbourne 16 In West Melbourne, FL, Studio Movie Grill Marietta in Marietta, GA, Studio Movie Grill – Chatham in Chicago, IL, Westside Cinemas in Bangor, ME, MJR Marketplace Digital Cinema 20 in Sterling Heights, MI, Universal Grand 16 in Warren, MI, Premiere Theatre 12 Goldsboro in Goldsboro, NC, Spotlight Cinemas Capital 8 in Columbia, SC, Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley in Dallas, TX, Studio Movie Grill Pearland in Houston, TX, Studio Movie Grill Tyler in Tyler, TX, and SEEfilm Bremerton Cinema in Bremerton, WA.

I tried the free download but it didn’t work. Right now there are no streaming services offering this film but will update as the information becomes available. However, this film is getting some awesome ratings and reviews from movie-goers. Here is a movie trailer we hope will pique your interest to get out and go see a film that critics are calling “The greatest gospel triumphant in decades. The must-see inspirational event of the year.”

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