Woke up to a text my daughter sent
me the other night
A text that gave me
one heck of a fright!

Things she overheard from
an accidental call
More than once…
She heard it all!

The anxiety, frustration
against her father
Who she loves so very much
Her heart the call bothered

It crushed her soul
I don’t think she can recover
She loves her father so much
Never cast him aside for another

Those two were always so close
and now she can’t even talk to him
All that’s left is the shell of a man
and some memories on film

His picture of better days
is sitting right here on my desk
Oh God I wish he were here
This is so hard I feel I’m failing my test

Am so sorry she had to hear
insane voices coming from me
There is a black hole eating me up
while I am searching for forgiveness we can see

An absolution from this
guilt-ridden state I’m in
Oh, God! How I’ve cried and prayed
Yet nothing has changed I fear I’ve again sinned!

And as my tears meet the dawn
I try so hard to keep the faith and hope
Father, I’m begging you
Please show me how to cope…

I need Your wisdom, Your love—Your Peace…

© c.f. leach, 2021. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

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