Guest Poet Fran Peck

I went to church on Christmas morn to hear the angels sing.
My heart was lifted with every chorus; the rafters, they did ring.
I sang along with joy in my heart, the greatest sound I’ve ever heard.
From “O Holy Night” to “What Child is This?” I cherished every word.

I celebrated the King’s lowly birth; I shouted and danced about.
Then came along a “Little Drummer Boy,” and I knew I was without.
What had I given the babe this year? A panic crossed my mind.
I tried to think of what I had given, but there was none to find.

Did I find a child and clothe him well? Did I seek a widow to bless?
Did I go to someone sick in their bed and try to ease their death?
Did I ask a sinner to say a prayer or tell him the Good News?
Did I give a beggar something to eat or at least buy him some shoes?

I bowed my head as the drummer boy played; my tears started to fall.
I didn’t even give Him my best, let alone give Him my all.
So this Christmas, Jesus, I bring you my drum, the very beat of my heart.
I ask Your forgiveness, for things undone; it’s the only place I can start.

Thank you Fran for such a timely and inspirational poem.

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