Honesty IS the best policy…
It’s true I found to know
Some things in life to which you cling
we simply must let go

For unsurety is a definite sign
you have issues with trust
But hold onto the truest things
in your heart, you really must

Walk away from hypocrisy…
through a door that’s opened and new
One where true freedom surely is
and you can finally find you…

Who’s been so lost in…
the trials and burdens of life
You’ve not been released
from all the hurt and strife

Torn between two worlds…
of which no one knows but God
Its been a difficult journey
where often you have trod

From being completely exhausted…
and yet trying to remain good
Striving so hard to do what is right
Fighting as only you could

Until that light bulb flashed…
you never gave it much thought
But it constantly stayed on your mind
so God’s answers you sought and sought…

To lift you out of this horrible pit…
where good and evil clash all-day
Like a hamster running on a wheel…
you’ve become a broken record in a way

That is tired of skipping …
the good parts
Like tin man you feel…
“If I only had a heart!”

But if you follow God’s plan…
your heart you will find
And not only that…
But also gain peace of mind.

© c.f. leach, 2022. Revised 03/22/2023. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.


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