Man possesses a spirit, soul, and heart
Being born in sin is a most difficult start

Always in constant battle with Lucifer’s fleshly devices
Things you know are bad with which he entices

And we fall for these same old traps time and time again
Yet we are a little lower than the angels and have immortal kin

Envy is for the weak and temptation is for the strong
How can we keep these three entities from really going wrong?

When you learn to always stand for righteousness then He begins to reveal His glory
Now you will understand the Father’s eternal story

As he arrays you with His heavenly raiment
Then you begin to prioritize your attainment

Peace, compassion and so many gifts of the spirit take you higher
You’re no longer sinking in the muck and mire

This place is not your home, you’re just a pilgrim passing through
As the heavenly mysteries and revelations of GOD are unfolded to you

Through His spirit, your heart reveals that which was always locked away
Yet Father from eternity had the key to open these truths——It’s finally your day!

The joy of the Lord is truly your source of strength
You fought a good fight and endured at great length

This is your time !!!
An era of the sublime!!!

In this hour receive all of the glorious heavenly treasures stored up for you before you were born…
Alas! from this moment on your spirit, soul and heart shall never again be torn.

© c.f. leach, 2002. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

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