In my youth, I ran toward what I saw
as freedom only imprisoning myself
By seeking after the wrong things
like success, fame, and wealth.

What profits a man if he gains
the whole world but loses his soul?
Is it worth sacrificing yourself
for all that money and gold?

They say that he who has the gold
makes all the rules
Is that what has made some of us
act like such irreparable fools?

To where we’ve accepted a facade
that certainly was not the truth
And in this struggle, we’ve expended
all the days of our glorious youth.

Now laying on an old dusty shelf
so disgusted with my inner self
Time passed—I can’t get it back
and in my soul, there is so much lack…

Of the real truth that will remain
after all the gold and money are gone
And you’ve walked this path of life
for so very, very long…

You finally come to the reality
that God is always in control
And His words are what you should seek
to preserve your very soul…

For seeking after all other things
you will find as you go
It’s not what you think it is
as you begin to grow…

Into a child of the Light
and your blinders are taken off…
Then those things of which you sought
Now seeing clearly at those you scoff

For to live in this world
you have to be able to see
Past all the illusions, lies, and things
that are only meant to be…

Roadblocks, stumblingblocks,
wrong turns and distractions
When all you had to do from the beginning
was this one simple action…

Seek ye first the kingdom of God
and His righteousness…
Then those things you sought after
you would have already been blessed.

Please take this advice
from an old old fool
It is much wiser to walk
and obey the Golden Rule.

Then scuffling and fighting
with your inner self
While trying to get back to a path
you should have never left.

© c.f. leach, 2002. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.


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