The choices we make
Are ours alone to walk out…
When things go awry
There’s no need to squawk and shout

Or dragging others
into your mislaid plans
While bringing on destruction
with your raging little hands

Others should not be made to suffer
for the choices you have made
Be accountable for yourself
And you just might win the day

Your life is a totality
of choices, you make every day
Give serious thought to these things
and be careful in what you do and say

Instead of hiding in an incubator of
shame, anger, disgust, and depression
Take the heat off yourself
go into a real prayer session

First repenting for all
you’ve said and done
Have a real heart to heart
With the Holy One

Who is always there
to bring you out of your mire of disgust
If you’d just open your heart
And once again learn to trust…

A God who is always there
no matter where you might be
With opened arms full of grace
to give you life more abundantly.

© c.f. leach, 2022. Copyright protected. All rights reserved. Revised 09/25/2022.


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