While being environmentally friendly writing e-books can also be a more cost-effective means of promoting your work. If you intend on making a name for yourself as a writer, then perhaps writing e-books is something you might consider.

If you have been unlucky in the pieces you were sending to publishers in the past, you can keep trying other publishers until one notices your talent and decides to give you an opportunity. Meanwhile, you can start writing e-books and distributing them online. In so doing, you can reach your audience even if you haven’t gotten your book to print yet. Although, the market for e-books is not as significant as the readers for traditional paperback and hardback books. This will get your foot in the door and simultaneously give you a chance to garner constructive criticism from your friendly e-book readers. With the added bonus of polishing your work and perhaps assisting you in the eventual attention, you deserve from publishing firms. Having to print your book yourself can be quite expensive. However, If you write and distribute e-books instead, it will hardly cost you anything.

We already have a growing problem with Climate Change …

And on the environmental side, no trees have a loss of life when you write an e-book. We already have a growing problem with Climate Change with one of the attributes being deforestation. When a tree dies the carbon dioxide accumulated by this tree in its lifetime is released back into the atmosphere and removes the ability to absorb existing carbon dioxide from the air. Which in turn encourages global warming.

Another pro to writing an e-book is it’s easy. You don’t have to be a scientist to accomplish this feat. It’s as easy as writing your book in a software program like Microsoft Word and saving it as a PDF file—which is compatible with most e-book reader programs that can easily open them. Once you become familiar with writing e-books you can then join e-book forums and distribute your e-books there and communicate with possible new readers for comments and critiques.

Above all the first thing you need to do is take the time to ensure the protection of your intellectual property rights by registering your work with the relevant government agencies before writing your first e-book and distributing it to any online business. This step in the process is quite important and takes time, effort, and money for fees. Keep in mind that once your e-book is distributed online, there is nothing to prevent unscrupulous individuals from plagiarizing your work.

Can you imagine after all the blood, sweat, and tears finally seeing your work published on shelves, selling like crazy, but the person getting the accolades is someone who stole your work for their own selfish ambitions? So whatever you do please take the time to get your work registered because it is definitely a necessary step for your continuity in writing e-books successfully.

Always remember the essential foundation for success is proper risk management. By following these simple necessary steps for writing e-books chances are you might be able to begin establishing yourself as a writer. You may not have the huge fan base the traditional paperback books possess, but they didn’t start out huge—we all have to start somewhere. Don’t despise small beginnings…

Besides, you never know who could be reading your work. After all, the world wide web is a vast hyperspace environment, and maybe, just maybe someone important or beneficial to your success as a writer might come across your work giving you that break you always needed.

Thank you for your continued readership and support. Until next week…Keep pecking those darn keys! Blessings and Peace!

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