He who pinned the stars from a canvas of chaos
And spoke the universe into existence
By the thoughts of His own council
With no resistance

Upon a dark nothing
His Spirit hovered…
As He spoke, “Let there be.”
His creation was uncovered

Then a light turned on
And the darkness dissipated
Once again He spoke…
The land and seas separated

His Word began to create
Everything on this earth…
The grass, herbs, and trees
unto themselves gave birth

The sky saw fowls in flight
On land every species—some of every kind
And to the sea came fishes and whales
An unimaginable creation from God’s mind

Then in Their image
He created man created he
So he would not be alone
God created for man Eve

His creation now complete
On- the seventh day took a rest
Spoke all was good and very good
Now His creation was truly blessed

© c.f. leach, 2022. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.


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