“We have a saying, meet them where they are at—anything passed that is a calling.”

Synopsis: When tragedy disrupts the life of esteemed music professor Grace Wyatt, she is ejected from her lavish academic world into the harsh reality of teaching in an unfamiliar world with familiar problems.

Grace Wyatt (Karen Abercrombie) seemed to be living the charmed life until one night her fiance’ Eric (Leon Pridgen) is killed in an automobile accident thrusting her into a 6-year drinking and drug binge. Where she blames God for taking everything from her. How do you find yourself in the darkness of a horrible and daunting past?

Coming out of the Clarion Call Rehabilitation Center Grace refuses to go back to her old post at the prestigious university she left because she doesn’t feel the need to be subjected to continual judgment by her peers. So she decides to take another avenue—She applies for different positions online and one day gets an interview at the Devlin House for a position as a Musical Therapist.

After the interview then meeting this motley crew of troubled teens she would be teaching and getting coffee on her face and clothes, Grace decides to walk out and says to God “You call this helping me?” Then Michael Devlin (Flame Marcus Gray) tells her, “We have a saying, meet them where they are at—anything passed that is a calling.” These ‘at risk’ teens are the discarded things, so to speak, who aren’t interested in anything she has to say.

Determined to stay, these six societal misfits begin to warm up to Grace once she proves to them that she’s not going anywhere and gives them hope by convincing them they have greater choices than just getting by to make it in life. She emphasized that despite what life has dealt them—they all are valuable and have a purpose. She meets them where they are by going out and pawning her engagement ring for musical instruments. As the children rise to Grace’s challenge she discovers they all have special gifts. As the children heal—Grace begins to heal too.

The story takes another turn…because of a choice to prevent one of their teens from being moved to a deplorable facility, the Devlin House finds themselves in dire financial straits. But Grace comes up with an idea that could save it.

There are many storylines woven throughout this film: Grace fighting to be free of a horrible past, the Devlins’ unable to have a child, and a lost son who’s carried his mother’s picture around for 37 years.

Will Grace overcome her past? Will Devlin House be saved? Will the Devlins ever have a child? Will a lost son finally find his mother? You will just have to watch the movie to find out.

Discarded Things was originally released in 2020, is 107 min, rated TV-PG, and can be seen on Pluto TV, Tubi, Peacock, YouTube, and Redbox.

Directors: Joanne Hock and Tara Lynn Marcelle.
Writers: Karen Abercrombie, Thomas Goggans(co-creator), and Tara Lynn Marcelle.
Stars: Madison Bailey, Karen Abercrombie, and Silvia Dionicio.

We Give Discarded Things

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Discarded Things is a powerful and poignant film about the redemptive grace for the rejected in our society. It tackles the issues we very seldom see on life’s stage and choose to sweep under the carpet. It is a relatable story of hope for the hopeless no matter how life-shattering some experiences may be. If you’ve ever wrestled with past hurt or shameful secrets and felt you could not overcome—this is a movie you really need to watch. For I will restore health to you And heal you of your wounds,’ says the Lord, ‘Because they called you an outcast saying: “This is Zion; No one seeks her.” 

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    • No It’s not a true story and I didn’t give it away this time. This movie has a lot of surprises. Tell me what you think if you have a chance to watch it. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings and peace!


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