Writing an article doesn’t just mean putting down thoughts into words and then writing or typing them. In order to keep your readers reading you must capture their interest and pique their curiosity. In a cliffhanger way where they don’t want to let go. Here are four ways you can get creative.

Creativity is the main ingredient no matter what type of article you are writing. While creativity may come naturally to some people, most of us have to find ways of maneuvering around our wandering minds. Sometimes you feel like you have to run a marathon just to get your creative juices flowing.

Transforming words into images where a reader’s mind is painted with that thought is an art form unto itself. A clear and crisp illustration requires a certain je ne sais quoi that only creativity can provide. Metaphors and similes can be quite helpful, but the way the words are woven through the storyline into an entire article develops the core of that article.

So how do you prepare when nothing comes to mind? That’s a fair question but unfortunately, there is nothing etched in stone to get that perfect idea to just pop into your head. But, there are smoother techniques to kickstart the flow of your creative juices and put you into a perfect mindset and state of mind. Here is a list of four…

Whenever that radar picks up a creative idea…

1) As I’ve written in many of my previous articles, always keep a journal, diary, or sound recorder in your pocket or with you at all times. You never know when an idea is triggered by something as simple as a piece of paper blowing in the wind to a line in a song you hear on the radio. Your greatest radar for finding creative ideas is your senses. Whenever that radar picks up a creative idea be sure to write it in a journal and keep it with you for future reference. Remember that ideas and creativity can come from anywhere. The uniqueness of that idea comes from its developmental stages.

2) You need a clear mind which comes from relaxing and sorting out time—you know taking time to sort things out? Without a clear mind, like a closet, if you don’t get rid of the old clothes from time to time you have no space to put in new ones—it works the same way when you create new ideas. If something is bothering you — don’t be a worry wart put it in your chest of “later.” Then try a relaxation strategy like closing your eyes in the stillness of your thoughts. Blocking out everything around you—breathe and seek your inner focus.

Whenever you can steal a moment of relaxation. In those moments think about some of your experiences with others and in other environments. These will develop your opinions and mindsets which will be reflected in your writings. In your self-discovery excavate to find what your emotional triggers are. What inspires you? What sets you off? You can use these emotions as tools to aid your creative expressions and ideas thus growing a little more.

Design a working environment that inspires your creativity.

3) Design a working environment that inspires your creativity. Always remember that creativity can only be an extension of a good and stable state of mind. A messy and unkempt workplace merely causes distraction and will be a negative in setting that creative flow on fire. In the development of your workplace make sure you set inspirational objects around you. Ones that relax and make you happy. Me I have cartoon characters like “Bob” the minion or a huge coffee mug that says “Dreams are Only Dreams Until You Make Them Real!”—For me, that’s a real motivator to get my creative juices cranked up!

4) Finally, just like writing a good book you have to set the mood or the tone. That simply requires you taking a moment at that moment to grasp the feeling of what makes your mind work best. Discovering what makes you tick could help you find nuances to get your creative juices flowing. Once you set the tempo and the pace for your mood everything else will fall into place. There are many ways to set the mood. Maya Angelou used to get a hotel room to find her creative flow and stir up her imagination. Me I put on headphones and listen to everything from Mozart to EWF. Others let the lighting of their environment create the mood. You have to discover what is the most effective technique for you and run with it.

Eventually, your imagination will make use of these culminating experiences and get your creativity to start working in overdrive.

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Until next week…Keep pecking those darn keys! Thank you for your continued readership and support.

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