From all the posts I placed in this section of my website….Everything from my very first post How to Write While In Quarantine to Writing With A Splash Of Color to last week’s post 5 Writing Lessons From Successful Authors and an assortment of writer’s tips in between. So, today I decided to do something a little different to see what my readers have gleaned from these posts. You know I always speak on perspective in regards to how we see and comprehend things. So this article is written by you, the reader, all about perception. Please tell me what do you see? Please list your observations in the comment section in any form you like.

Thank you for your continued readership and support. Keep punching those darn keys! Until next week…Blessings and Peace!


  1. Hi Claudia. You asked for comment, so here is one. At first, I saw only an old man with white hair and white, bushy beard. The beard looked weird. Then I realized the beard was actually a white horse. Then when I looked again, I saw a rider on horse, with reddish shirt and large, round, white, hat, like a sombrero. So that is total of what I see in picture. That is a tricky picture which you’re showing your readers. God bless you, Claudia & please keep sharing your faith and wisdom.

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  2. Good evening, If I gaze at the photo for a while I see an older man, with a sombrero, on a horse on the beach.

    However, if I only take a glance, I see a man’s profile of the left side of his face.

    The moral for me is to take time to look at things …. as there can be different perspectives of the same thing!


  3. Hi Rhemalogy. I am viewing a double illusion of a Spanish horseman that is also the face of God. There is a distant illusion of the Lord’s face showing at the end of the green path in a bush or tree. Peace.🕊


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