Guest Poet Peggy Stroud

We are made in the image of God,
Who loves us, though we are flawed.

Who strengthens us when we are weak.
Who emboldens us when we are meek.

Who shoulders our burdens when we ask.
Who sustains us through a difficult task.

Who comforts us in our tears and grief.
Who carries us through our unbelief.

Who journeys with us as we age.
Who gives us purpose at every stage.

Who knows and loves us inside and out.
Our God sustains us, there is no doubt.

We would like to thank Peggy for this beautiful poem. She has an awe-inspiring Christian website entitled “Peggy Writes which I have been following for a long time. Her writings always seem to be so uplifting. Not only are they good and inspirational for Adults but also for children. Please stop by my dear friend’s website—look around and give her your support. Blessings and Peace!


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