“God has plans for you. Don’t chase what doesn’t matter.”

Synopsis: On the night Suzanne Waters celebrates her retirement, she is faced with a series of crises that she could never have imagined. Trusting God’s direction, her purpose becomes clear when she shelters Eli, a delinquent teenager. Her connection with Eli will reveal a miraculous blessing bringing her and her son David’s family to increased faith, spiritual healing and a joyful confirmation that God has a plan for each of us, our “True North.”

Throughout many of my posts you will find the terminology “True North” which has never been more applicable than to this film. The main storyline, of this compelling movie, is centered on Suzanne Waters’ (Karen Abercrombie) faith. This retiring principal of South High will need her exemplary faith in days to come.

While driving herself to the hospital, Suzanne’s pregnant daughter-in-law, Jessica (Jazelle Foster), has to pull over. When a young man, named Eli, (Joey Ibanez) intends on stealing her car, until he sees she’s in labor and instead drives her to the hospital. But, being wanted by police, Eli is spotted by an officer at the hospital and is arrested. Grateful for his help. Jessica asks her mother-in-law to find Eli and thank him. Suzanne finds him in Jail and feels God directing her to help him. To raise money, she puts her home up for his bail and insists he come live with her. Although her persistance in helping Eli is strong, her son, David (T.C. Stallings), a doctor, is very unhappy with her decision. As he emphasizes to his wife, Jessica, “I see these types of kids in the ER all the time!”

Interwoven in this storyline is the fact that Jessica’s newborn is a blue baby and needs open-heart surgery to have a chance at life. As Suzanne digs deeper into Eli’s past, she is told he has a missing younger sister named Naomi (Alecea Vibar), so David, Jessica, Suzanne and a church congregation try to help find her.

In a private moment, while looking through her closet; Suzanne grabs a box that reveals the reason and purpose God directed her to Eli. The discovery gives this film an unusual, yet happy twist.

Will Eli accept Suzanne’s help and try to change the direction of his life? Will Jessica and David’s baby live? Will they find Naomi? You will just have to watch the movie to find out.

God’s Compass was originally released in 2016, is 99 min and has the rating of five Doves, giving it a “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12-plus and can be seen on Netflix, PureFlix and YouTube.

Director: Stephan Schultze.
Writer: Stephan Schultze.
Stars: Karen Abercrombie, T.C. Stallings, and Jazelle Foster.

We give God’s Compass

Rating: 4 out of 5.

God’s Compass truly exemplifies, the truth of God’s Word. No matter what trials we face in life; there is a greater power, a greater source of wisdom that guides us when we follow His plan for our lives, bringing us to our “True North.” This film demonstrates devotion, love, forgiveness, and God’s direction. As Suzanne spoke these pearls of wisdom at her retirement party, “God has plans for you. Don’t chase what doesn’t matter.” This is a film you really need to see.

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