Rain rollin’ down the windshield of the car
As I look out onto the city—can’t see very far

Into the future, it’s so dreary and dark
For the people who live here have their minds parked…

In an era that’s long since past
Even though they’d like for this madness to last.

A city full of hatred, poverty, and skyscrapers galore
Just to survive on a daily basis has become a chore

The only thing makin’ sense is the jazz station I’m listening to
‘Cause the powers that be have made such a mess they don’t know what to do

Their agenda is one long list that’s prioritized
And none of them cares if it ruins our lives

What about the future of this next generation?
Think the truth can still be found under all the hidden legislation?

Please, LORD, give wisdom to the common man
Don’t they realize that we’re all hanging on by a strand?

A single strand of mercy is all that remains
Everything else is out of control–has become so insane!

The remnant is awaiting Your final decision
To obliterate all this needless and painful derision

Reality speaks and reveals to us that You’re our one and only hope
This land is so desolate—gettin’ harder to cope

With all the death, destruction, and degradation
Your second coming is one of great anticipation

Your children are stumbling in the dark
Because mortal man’s mentality is parked…

In a nonexistent gear
And he doesn’t even want to hear

The truth that’s buried in the rubble of his own destruction
We all need Your righteous instruction

Hear our prayers oh LORD
Come swiftly with Your righteous sword!

The people need spiritual wisdom and knowledge to understand…
That all powers in heaven and in earth rest solely in the palms of Your mighty hands.

© c.f. leach, 2022. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.


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