“Please God send your Holy Spirit to save my son!”

Very few movies touch my spirit and when they do they usually bring me to tears. And that is exactly what happened when I saw the trailer for the movie Breakthrough.

Synopsis: Based on the incredible true story of one mother’s unwavering devotion. When Joyce Smith’s son John (Marcel Ruiz) falls through an icy lake, all hope seems lost. But as John lies lifeless, Joyce refuses to give up, and her steadfast belief inspires those around her to pray for his recovery.

There is an accident. Three boys playing on an ice-covered pond, they all fall in, but one did not come back up out of the cold, icy pond. And when the EMT arrives one says “this is not a rescue but a recovery.” Because the child they are trying to find has now been underwater for over 15 minutes. And just as he was about to give up, one of those EMTs. Tommy Shine (Mike Colter) hears a voice that tells him to go back and check one more time…and that’s when he finds John’s lifeless body and pulls him to safety.

Imagine, if you can, getting a phone call from Cindy (Rebecca Staab) a friend you trusted with your child; who just told you there’d been an accident and your child fell through some ice on a pond…Going to the hospital upset, and concerned, but never thinking you won’t see him again. That’s what happened to Joyce Smith (Chrissy Metz) when she arrived at the hospital the ER Dr. Sutterrer (Sam Trammell) told her “we’ve done everything medically possible there’s nothing more we can do—spend as much time saying goodbye as you need.” You never know how you are going to react to certain situations until you are facing them head-on. As Joyce began crying out her cries turned into pleas to the Lord for Him to save her son. The doctors, nurses, and friends in the lobby of the hospital could hear her blood-curdling cries. But in her refusal to accept John’s condition there comes a heartbeat and a pulse…

Sometimes you just have to stand on what you believe! Yes, this movie has an air of predictability. Yet in this air, you will find yourself traveling on the winds of faith and hope beyond what you can imagine. And on these winds of faith and hope you will also find forgiveness, unconditional love, and the power of prayer. The Smith family and their community chose to believe in their faith. What will John’s outcome be? You will just have to watch the movie to find out. But it is in this trip to the final outcome that you will find revelation, self-examination, and a rekindled dose of determination through faith.

Breakthrough was originally released in 2019 is 115 min and rated PG. Can be seen on FXNow, Prime Video from $3.99, YouTube, and for rent at Redbox.

Director: Roxann Dawson.
Writers: Joyce Smith (based upon the book by) Grant Nieporte (screenplay by).
Stars: Marcel Ruiz, Topher Grace, and Sarah Constible.

We give Breakthrough

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you or someone you know is in what appears to be a hopeless situation please watch Breakthrough it will strengthen and encourage your heart through the tears. Breakthrough is an enthralling reminder that faith and love can create a mountain of hope, and sometimes even a miracle. Whether a Believer or not this is a movie worth visiting. And please don’t forget your box of tissue!

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