In the Blogosphere, webpages must compete for survival just like animals in the jungle. The concept of “Natural Selection” isn’t just limited to Mother Nature you know. Even in the world of cyberspace, there is a “law of the jungle”. And at the core of this law lies Search Engine Optimization better known as SEO. In order to be the one that rises to the top of the cyber chain you must master many skills. And the Big Three are keywords, content, and copyright. We’ll start with number one of these three…

1) Keywords. Because they are the markers for search engines, keywords are of monumental importance. They can be placed anywhere on a website but in order to be noticed they must be carefully selected. When selecting keywords you must be cautious in choosing words that are not only site relevant but are most likely to be used by surfers seeking specific topics on your site. You must take several things into consideration. Deviations in the spelling of your keywords together with spelling errors can undoubtedly drive traffic to your site. But, another vitally important spot to place keywords is in the links in your site because not only will search engines notice them but they will also point people to the other pages on your site thereby raising your ranking.

2) Content. Beyond the notable fact that your site’s content is what people will be reading; content is the largest aspect of keywords. The specific point that a search may target is the keywords. So the better your content in amount and quality the easier it is to place your keywords. Although embedding keywords in your content is one way of getting them spotted by search engines the irony is good content will force you to have good keywords. As the saying goes the best way to hide something is in plain sight.

3) Copyright. To better utilize the abovementioned factors, one must understand the concept of copyright. Certain things may be copyrighted and certain things cannot. For example names, titles, slogans, and such related items cannot be copyrighted. Although titles can be trademarked. The most important thing of which to make a mental note is how you use something. The context in which you utilize a word, picture, phrase, or whatever can be the determining factor of whether you’ve violated a copyright or not. Copyright in several areas can be a slippery slope so be very careful. Things the government create are free domain as are donated items or things people give permission to use by others for any purpose.

Before you play the game please learn the rules.

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Until next week…keep pecking those darn keys and thank you so much for your continued readership and support. Blessings and Peace!

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