Around Easter we usually watch the Ten Commandments. Near the end of part one Moses’ life is spared. Ramses drops him off in the desert, with a day’s ration of bread and water, making him a ruler over his subjects, ‘the cobra, scorpion and lizard’, then places his life in the hands of his ‘Hebrew God who has no name’. 

Makes for a good movie scene, but the truth is Moses fled from Egypt because Pharaoh intended to kill him….And it came to pass in those days, when Moses was grown, that he went out unto his brethren, and looked on their burdens; and he spied an Egyptian smiting a Hebrew, one of his brethren. And he looked this way and that way, and when he saw that there was no man, he slew the Egyptian, and hid him in the sand…Now when Pharaoh heard this thing, he sought to slay Moses. But Moses fled from the face of Pharaoh…(Exodus 2:11-15)

Moses fleeing Egypt

He escapes into the desert of Shur—to preserve his life—abandoning all he knows. Moses is now a royal refugee, without a country—an outcast. He is no longer part of the Egyptian Dynasty who worshiped different gods, but is now the brother of Hebrew slaves who only believe in one God—‘He Who Has No Name.’

Yet, because of divine providence he crosses the desert, from Egypt, through the wilderness of Zin to Midian. The same God Who protected him as an infant, in a basket afloat on the Nile; protects him as he crosses the desert. And this same God has shielded you when the floods of life sought to overtake you; is protecting you, even now, as you walk through the desert of your mind.  

God allowed Moses to go through the desert to purge him of those things that would keep him from achieving his purpose—delivering Israel from 400 years of harsh bondage. Are there some things you are still carrying of which you need to be rid in order to see your destiny fulfilled?  Like fear, pride, unforgiveness, impatience, presumption or a sense of entitlement? Do you love what you possess more than the One you should be apprehending?

Obviously, possessions were not Moses’ priority, or he would not have acted in such a manner. Simply said, he could not look ahead and move forward being trapped in the past. God had to get Moses to the place where his focus was on what was relevant in his life and his relationship with the Almighty. The most important thing to God is relationship, not empty religion. He wants to walk through the cool of the day and talk with us.

You must be brought here to learn how to overcome your flesh; as Jesus did in the wilderness. (Mark 1:12) This will enable you to walk in the spirit and thus your vision is stabilized because God is continually feeding your spirit according to His divine will. The Word is no longer just a printed text, but comes alive in your spirit man—which must overcome your emotions, by the power of the Holy Ghost, through faith in Jesus Christ. Thus allowing your vision to surpass physical circumstances and graduate to revelation, making room for miracles!

How can you be a deliverer if you are not delivered? Moses was going to be responsible for bringing a people out of Egypt. He could not walk with fear or indecision. No, he had to walk with true abiding faith, and the knowledge of the power of God in order to see the Israelites safely through the desert to Mt. Sinai. In order to be delivered he had to walk in blind obedience.

Not only was he in a desert but his mind had become one. What thoughts chided him in his scorching sands of thoughts or beneath the rocks of emotions? What provoked an action that brought him to this unknown juncture in his life? Was killing the Egyptian worth the sacrifice of a throne and world power?  Moses had given up all he possessed, even his identity; for a prophecy God had spoken to Abraham some 400 years earlier. (Genesis 15:13)

Some of you are in this place right now—you were compelled to carry out an unexpected action that shifted you into a direction of the unknown, and now you are wondering about it—even weighing the cost of that action. You have absconded into the desert of your mind searching for an answer being seared by the sun of doubt. Not realizing this answer can only be found in the Midian of your spirit.

Perhaps you are walking in a divine prophecy right now—But the question is, are you willing to walk blindly into your Midian to discover who you are and what God has for you? Or, will you return to Egypt, out of your season, where there is certain death, and never know what your destiny might have been? For it is written: Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish, why shouldest thou die before thy time? (Ecclesiastes 7:17)

Oftentimes we have the desire of returning to what is convenient and comfortable. This is why God preordained Moses’ actions; placing him on the path of no return for a season. Many of you have been placed on this same path, but returned to what you felt was a safe place and instead of being blessed from a setup by God—you were tricked by Satan into another setback or even worse—led to the very depths of destruction!

Resembling Lot’s wife, you just could not resist looking back because your heart condition was still the same—thinking what you were leaving behind was greater than what was before you. Here you must apply the strategy of living in the moment, and refuse to project out to presume the future conclusion of any situation. Stay present with the LORD.  Walk in the Spirit despite the confusion that surrounds and invades your environment.  Grab hold of the peace and boundless strength God has made readily available to you.  Though your vision may tarry—if God gave it to you— it will surely come to pass. (Habakkuk 2:3)

But, this time, like Moses, you have to see it through to the end. You cannot continue doing the same things and expect a different result. This is duly noted as a form of insanity. In order to get to where you have never been you must do something you have never done, and God has to strengthen you in order for this to come to pass. You have to purpose in your heart you are going to walk this path even if you have to walk it alone. It takes courage. Despite major consensus, you can be in God’s perfect will and have no idea where you are going. (Genesis 26: 2-5)

This journey in the desert is to allow soul searching, and through this examination determine whether you are walking in true faith or not. You must trust God, without refrain, to help you through by gently tweaking your flaws with loving-kindness. Thereby transforming you into what He has purposed you to be—who you really are.

Moses was raised as an Egyptian prince, but was born a Hebrew. The most taunting and exhausting question of all—as he tread through those sands of hopelessness …Who am I? And Median would be the place for him to finally get the answer.

When Moses arrived in Midian he sat down by a well; a place to quench his thirst, a place of restoration—of new beginnings. At this well, the daughters of Jethro came, and drew water to fill the troughs for their father’s flock.

And the shepherds came and drove them away but Moses stood up and helped them and watered their flock. (Exodus 2:17) While you are being restored and beginning anew, never abandon your moral ethics. Things may not always work out the way you desire, but oftentimes there are priceless opportunities to do what is right and good amid the difficulties and frustrations you encounter along the way.

Since Moses delivered the priest’s daughters out of the hands of the shepherds, Jethro invited Moses to break bread with him. And Moses was content to dwell with the man: and he gave Moses Zipporah his daughter. (Exodus 2:21)

Sometimes the opportunities we seek and the ones granted may look contradistinctive to what we thought our plans should be. That is why the Apostle Paul wrote, whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. (Philippians 4:11) Simply put, it is mind over matter and God over all!

In this place you must abide under the shadow of the Almighty and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit no matter the level of difficulty. Their directions will lead you to all truths, therefore, you cannot afford to complain, rebel or fall into self-pity.  This is a good place to acquire the fruit of the Spirit. Negative responses will merely produce exasperating distractions that take you completely off course and in some cases, arrest your spirit. Be content—no matter how it looks. You may be a stranger in a strange land, but you are no stranger to God. (Exodus 2:22) He knows who you are and your exact location.     

And it came to pass in the process of time, that the king of Egypt died…(Exodus 2:3)…Your season of “Who Am I?” will manifest when the enemy that was threatening your life is no longer existent in your mind. In this moment, the spirit of fear is dislodged from your thought process—your desert experience has rendered you dead to the things of this world. Now God can trust you with His eternal purpose as you walk with Him. The LORD hath made all things for himself—which is one of the lessons Moses had to learn those forty years he was in Midian herding sheep. God wanted to insure Moses’ passion would meet His purpose and bring him face to face with true destiny.

No doubt, Moses learned many valuable lessons while tending his father-in-law’s sheep. To those of you who feel what you are now doing is insignificant think again! In your perceived insignificance do not become a fearful procrastinator. The sands of frustration will blind you as God prepares your heart for purpose. And the term heart is referring to one’s mind. This purpose God has prepared for you is one step of faith away. You cannot afford to be sidelined by the fear of failure.  This is one component that always works against you.  When this temptation presents itself, discern and know—this distraction will open a door to sabotage your effectiveness. Instead of withdrawing or resigning, see this as an opportunity to leap forward through your imagination’s constraints into a much greater freedom.

As Moses is tending Jethro’s sheep he leads them to the backside of the desert, and comes to the mountain of God.  Here he observes a burning bush which is not consumed… and God called unto him out of the midst of the bush and said,Moses, Moses.” And he said “Here am I.” God reveals himself as the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. (Exodus 3:4-5)

Would you have answered God when He called your name or turned a deaf ear because you did not know His heart towards you?  Not realizing if you could just get into the presence of the LORD—Who can say what He will do for you, with you or through you? Man cannot dictate what God will do in your life. Neither can man say what God’s will is or what deliverance He will bring into your life.  Is it not written, Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it? (I Thessalonians 5:24)

And with this revelation God tells Moses…”Now therefore, behold, the cry of the children of Israel is come unto me; and I have also seen the oppression wherewith the Egyptians oppress them. Come now therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt.” (Exodus 3:9-10)

After this great commission, Moses asks God, “Who am I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt?” And he said, “Certainly I will be with thee; and this shall be a token unto thee, that I have sent thee: When thou hast brought forth the people out of Egypt, ye shall serve God upon this mountain.” (Exodus 3:11-12)

Many of us were placed in or handed such situations which, from a human standpoint, seemed utterly impossible to overcome. You have posed this same question to yourself and others—“Who am I for this task, who am I to get us through this—there is no way I can do this or figure out that!” when the authority never rested with you from the beginning. The problem here is you tried to calculate an equation of your success rate without God being in that equation. And right here you begin to sink into the quicksand of humanism. You must gain the understanding; what you are going through is not here to stay but will come to pass!

Notice God’s reply to Moses’ question, “Certainly I will be with thee; and this shall be a token unto thee, that I have sent thee…”  Simply put, God was going to process his power through Moses mind, more astutely, through his thinking. The issue was more than just about Moses finding himself, but the matter was about Moses finding and understanding the God with him. He had to place his total trust in God.  In order for Moses to possess divine power he had to possess divine authority. And divine authority is only given to those whom God can trust.

There are some people who are walking in or coming out this identical trial right now.  And the same way Moses gave God all sorts of excuses as to why he could not go to Egypt—God exacted each one of those excuses with definitives as to why he would go! (Exodus 4:1-17)

Many people have used this same ploy; haggling with God, as they have already accepted defeat by looking to their human frailties instead of looking to the Author and Finisher of their faith.  This misconception is a by-product of an inability to grasp that it is not about leaning and depending upon one’s own strength or intellectualism, but finding in humility, one must lean and depend totally on the arm of God.  Simply put, you must utterly surrender self. You must stop EGO—Erasing God’s Order!

In our discouraging moments it is much easier to quench fear with reason or doubt. Always remember, if you are waiting for your life to be perfect to do the work of the LORD, your will never see His will for your life! He calls those who have courage in Him despite their inadequacies. God does not call the qualified—He qualifies the called!

Chapter from my book Faithwalkers: How to Survive in the Desert of Hopelessness. The Chapter entitled Moses: Who Am I?

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    • Knock and the door shall be opened. Seek and you will find. Open the word of God with a prayer for wisdom and understanding and you will find what you are looking for. If any man lack wisdom let him ask of God who gives liberally and upbraids not. Blessings and Peace.


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