Some time ago I was having a really bad day. There are moments in your life when you began to mull over certain issues. You begin to critique yourself concerning your life’s choices—especially where your children are concerned. Wish I could’ve been a better mother and spent more time with my kids when they were small. Now they are all grown up living their own lives and I rarely get to see them or my grandkids. Yet time is marching on. Needless to say, I’d thrown myself into a circular reasoning war and kept coming out the loser. I was feeling, as momma puts it, “Like a lost ball in tall weeds.” Whenever I get in one of those modes I find cleaning to be another form of therapy to release those endorphins putting me on the right track, while praying and talking to God.

Hi Mom, Look, I know you may wish you could’ve done more as a parent…

On this particular day, I happened across a Mother’s Day card given to me by my daughter, Joi, some seven years ago. On the outside, I noticed that inside of each letter, that spelled MOM were words like…Confidante, Role Model, Nurse, Friend, Magician, Counselor, Chef, and Teacher. When I began reading the card a lot of what I thought I’d done wrong was being washed away. On the inside, she’d written the following. “Hi Mom, Look, I know you may wish you could’ve done more as a parent in the past or think you’re not doing enough now. But the truth is, your timing is just right. I really am grateful for you, because the truth is if I didn’t have you, where would I be?” I love you very much and I believe in you. Thanks a million, Mom.” And instead of ending it with a period, she ended the statement with a heart.—Joi. With a smiley face over the i. And the card read—“For all you do and all you are—thank you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.”

There are times when God will show up in spite of…to let us know or remind us that in our darkest moments there is still a light of love and hope. All of my children, at one point or another in my life, have given me wonderful gifts, flowers, cards, or just a phone call. As a matter of fact, I still have the things they gave me, that were made in grade school; either on my desk or my bookshelf. Those ornaments of love mean more to me than anyone will ever know.

Isn’t it funny how, at times, we don’t feel like the greatest mothers? But are, somehow reminded, that we are blessed to have the greatest kids?

To my daughters, I like to say Happy Mother’s Day, Monique, Joi, Enjoli, and Tanisha. You are the wind beneath my wings that keeps me soaring when I feel like I am going to fall. Thank you so very much. Love you very much. To my daughter-in-law Keisha and especially to all of my readers who are mothers—Happy Mother’s Day!

I would like to thank all of you for your continued support and readership. Until next week…Blessings and Peace.


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