“If your horse says no, you didn’t ask the right question.”

Synopsis: After a death defiant teenager with a heart defect bonds with an unruly stallion, she trains to compete as an amateur jockey in a high-stakes horse race.

Strip away the Deutsch German, the subtitles and you will find a teenager who is trying to fulfill her purpose in life. Despite always being “the sickly girl.” Jana’s life consists of taking a risk at every chance she gets. Because she wants to feel alive and not like some China doll sitting on a shelf waiting for life to happen. This is how her mother treats her and it is driving her further away from her parents. She needs a heart procedure but wants to live life on her own terms.

Out on one of her tyrannical expeditions, she has another attack. Yet in the midst of her fading in and out a horse comes up to her, as she lays on the ground and she rubs him on his nose. Was it real or a figment of her imagination? Her friend Samy who suffers from the same condition is now in the middle of Jana and her mother. When he picks her up from the hospital and drives home he tries to convince her to have the surgery—she gets out of the car and walks away.

In search of that horse, whose name just happens to be Rock My Heart. She goes back to where she fell and traces her steps. She then finds herself on a farm and finds Rock My Heart. Whose name she changes to Rock. His owner, Paul Brenner, can’t do a thing with him, but Jana can. Ironically, Paul is in a mess with the bank and is on the brink of losing everything unless he can come up with the money to pay the bank. His bitter daughter, Sabine Brenner, is over that bank loan and is showing him no mercy.

When Paul notices the relationship between Jana and his horse; he offers to train her to be a jockey so they can enter the Rhineland Derby while she hides her sickness from Paul and stops taking her medication. And she also hides this new undertaking from her parents.

Will we find out why Paul’s daughter is so bitter? Will Jana live to race? Will the farm be saved? You will just have to watch the movie to find out.

This movie reminds me of two films that I previously reviewed. Riding Faith and Healed By Grace. Both are movies about horses and healing. And one has a storyline similar to this movie. But again, you will just have to watch the movies to get your take on it.

Rock My Heart was originally released in 2017, is 105 min, rated TV-PG, and can be seen on Netflix.

Director: Hanno Olderdissen
Writers: Clemente Fernandez-Gil(screenplay) and Hanno Olderdissen(collaboration on screenplay). Brian Cordray(Story Consultant)
Stars: Emilio Sakraya, Lena Klenke and Milan Peschel.

We give Rock My Heart

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Sometimes we might go about things the wrong way. But if our heart is in the right place you never know how things will turn out.

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